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Wedding Photography

As a photographer I always feel privileged to be a part of any wedding. The images taken will essentially become the key to how the day will be remembered in years to come.

It's important that the bride and groom choose someone who they feel comfortable with and who has a style which resonates with them. Weddings are always emotionally charged and it's a day where extra stress is not needed! I work in way to capture moments as they happen but also know when to step in and give direction, so as to get a shot which works. I believe in capturing the little details as well as the bigger picture, trying to comprehensively capture each moment and tell the story of the day. You can view a range of portfolios which depict this progression in the drop down menu above or by clicking on the links below.

Aaron & Katherine

Grant & Brooke

Clare & Richie

Greg & Laura

Steven & Aki

Daniel & Julie

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