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Alternative Processes

Here I explore a range of processes, cameras and techniques outside my work in the digital or 35mm film formats. These include cyanotypes and instant film as well as use of the Holga and Spinner 360 cameras. For me, these two cameras are a source of unliberated joy, they allow me to explore and create images with a sense of freedom and calculated carelessness.


In an overwhelmingly digital age, it is reassuring to know that the humble, plastic Holga camera still retains it's cult status with such a wide range of operators. I too, am under the spell of it's blatant imperfections - the fuzzy edges, light leaks, vignetting, multiple exposures and so on. Such trademarks have spurred on a new generation of film users. The Lomography Spinner 360 is a product of the Lomo "movement" and is another camera which makes use of film specific qualities.

More coming soon...

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