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Portrait Photography


Here you will find a  sample of my commissioned portrait  work.

For me, the best part about working for other people is photographing subjects I wouldn't necessarily seek out and using techniques I wouldn't normally apply. It's important for me to always be pushing myself into different areas and constantly be learning and experimenting.

For any model who is relatively new to the industry, it is essential to organise a portfolio shoot, not just to build up a collection of images but also to gain some experience and confidence in front of the camera. This is a selection from the portfolio created for the gorgeous beginning model, Jordyn. Within the short time frame of 2-3 hours we were able to create diverse results utilising different lighting styles, various outfits and a range of poses and expressions. A fun and relaxed shoot, Jordyn was a delight to work with!


With independent bands and musicians often in charge or their own promotional material and marketing, it is important to create images which fit with your style and branding. I can work with you to create a set of images which reflect this and supply a license which enables you to use these on whatever platform or material required from album covers to social media pages. These are images from a promotional shoot with the beautifully bohemian budding musician Odette McKenzie as well as a couple of album cover and general promo shots with Kevan Keeler a rock n' roll veteran of the Adelaide music scene.


Whether it's celebrating an event or to document a stage of life, family portraits serve to preserve the moments which pass by all too quickly. Either in the studio or on location, it is worth making the effort to have some quality photographs of family. 


Various promotional images taken in schools and childcare centres in Adelaide.


Have irreplaceable damaged photographs restored. Photo restorations are a delicate and careful procedure. It is not the aim necessarily to try and change or improve elements of the image but to restore the image as close as possible to it's original condition. This includes restoration of rips, tears, scratches, stains or markings and correcting colour and clarity which may have diminished due to age.

More coming soon...

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