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The Cameo Portraits

As a nostalgist, I am fascinated by relics of the past, clandestine objects which refuse to be noticed by the casual observer. I find myself absorbed by them, allowing me to indulge in narratives of the lives of those who may have owned them in the past.  

In The Cameo Portraits, I have drawn inspiration from the oval vignette commonly used in portraiture from the late 19th to early 20th century. The bare backdrop serves to accentuate nuances and details and encapsulate the persona of each portrait. The women of The Cameo Portraits are not posed according to their era. The candid nature of these photographs allows the viewer a glimpse into their day to day lives. Sensuality, monotony and a lingering sadness tumble from these portraits and invite the viewer to stay a while and become a part of their story.

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